Toyota Supra

From Auto Express Issue 383 Feb 9-15 1996

IF you need some excitement in your life, and want a car that turns heads, Toyota's phenomenally quick Supra is an ideal candidate.

Beneath its long, swooping bonnet lies a stomach-churning 3.0-litre, twin-turbo engine. The 155mph automatic tested here can sprint from 0-60mph in just 5.6 seconds - as impressive as the manual version's 4.9 seconds.

The first turbocharger cuts in at 2,000rpm. But leave your right foot planted and there's another surprise in store. At 4,500rpm the second turbo strikes, almost launching the Supra into orbit.

This car should have a government health warning - especially the automatic. It's so fast and so effortless to drive, you could get yourself into big trouble.

Traction control stops the rear wheels spinning, but feed in too much power in a corner and the tail can still step out of line.

With its array of switches and dials the cockpit's wide, swooping facia befits a car that accelerates like a fighter plane. But despite the leather, this pricey coupe still doesn't feel as sumptuous as it should and it's nowhere near as well thought out as the smaller MR2.

Storage space is minimal and rear seat accommodation is strictly for kids - or garden gnomes.

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